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The people behind Bestia and BavelOri, Genevieve, Leah and friends

Named after Saffron, Ori and Genevieve’s daughter, Saffy’s embodies her whimsical spirit. 

Saffy’s will transport you to another time and place, while still feeling familiar. It’s a Middle Eastern restaurant rooted in traditional flavors and executed using modern techniques. In this intimate space, you’ll be greeted by warm and energetic hospitality, flavors and dishes reminiscent of Middle-Eastern home-style cooking, and unexpected takes on classic desserts. 

Saffy’s is your neighborhood haunt, the perfect place to walk in for a seat at the bar, grab a coffee or pastry next door, or to celebrate your next big occasion. Next door you’ll find coffee, tea, breads, and pastries daily and a full Arabic Breakfast on the weekends. Dinner service will center around small plates, various house-made breads, seasonal vegetables, and meats that hit the table straight off of the fire.  

The heart of Saffy’s lives in the kitchen. Our wood fired shawarma rotisserie, wood burning oven, and hearth for grilling add their own unique character to both the food and the space. Framing the kitchen is a sixteen seat bar, offering vibrant and refreshing cocktails to compliment the food. The wine list features coastal Mediterranean and island wines, focusing on small grower producers committed to healthy agriculture. 

The design is reminiscent of late 1960s early 1970s Morocco, layering colors, textures, and finishes over the original art deco architecture of the building. 

This is Saffy’s place – where you can eat with your hands, drink with your friends, and get into some mischief.